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Be your own Boss

We'll show you how

Get pay cash daily 

Be really independent

No more worries about
being deactivated

We are a ride-sharing company based out Los Angeles, California and we're expanding to 

many cities across the U.S. We are looking for reliable and dependable drivers who are 

team players, responsible and most importantly, that are safe drivers with perfect driving

record and no felonies of any kind.  Here is what you will need:

1. A late model 4 door sedan; 4 door truck; any SUV or minivan(2015 or newer). 

2. Commercial insurance(optional) or just regular car insurance. 

3. Just as any other ride-sharing company, you are an independent contractor; so you 

    will need a business license(this is optional). 

In most cities you'll make up to $25 an hour plus tips. Paid directly to you in cash by the 

customer before you start each trip. 

Apply to drive with us


Note: All applications with incomplete and/or incorrect information will be automatically disqualified.

Make sure your address is correct and complete since

we'll have to send you some documents to your residence

once you get approved to drive with us. 

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